Plitvice’s National Lake Park

A natural paradise in the heart of Croatia

After my visit to the Gorge of Vintgar in the National Park of the Tricorno in Slovenia, I was fascinated by the immaculate nature so I started looking for another suggestive and savage location. I found it in Croatia, 140 kms from Zagabria, where I visited one of the most beautiful places in Europe that has been UNESCO heritage since 1979. I’m talking about Plitvice’s National Lake Park, a natural reserve – on the border with Bosnia – with over 33.000 hectares and 16 lakes all connected to each other with waterfalls dug in the rock.




Inside the area there are many caves but unfortunately they are not accessible to tourists, like some of the areas in the park.

The reserve is beautiful, in some places even touching. It’s like being surrounded by a painting from the end of the 18th century. In this place you really feel how “tiny” man is compared to nature, a divine and perfect nature.

Plitvice’s National Lake Park is very large. You can cross it on foot following one of the many paths along the wooden planks, on a boat using one of the electric boats that cross the largest of the lakes, or on the railroad, boarding the panoramic train that reaches the more remote areas.




Consider that visiting the whole park, with necessary stops to take photographs, takes from 6 to 8 hours on foot, so I suggest you divide your tour in two days (you can extend the ticket at the reception of the hotel where you’re staying or directly by one for 2 days).

The ticket for the park has different prices according to the season. On the web site you will find all the information you need to organise your stay.

But first of all, to get an idea of what is waiting for you, have a look at the wonderful photographs of Andrea Zangrando (my photographic eye).












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