2 February 2015

A Parisian girl in Trieste

Romantically Casual

In this category I’ll show you some clothing items, accessories and locations of my taste. Not with the intention of trying to be a fashion expert nor a “Style queen”, but simply to show you a selection of things that I like and want to share with you.

I won’t bore you with ranting descriptions, or tons of words or eclectic terminology, in this section I’ll just tell you a simple story (while describing what I personally selected).



The choice of the location was made during my visit to “L’albero Nascosto”, the small but special Boutique Hotel Trieste (you can find a description of it in the “Sleep” section).

Today’s outfit is a little romantic, but also casual and fit for everyday.

The knee-length skirt (Kling) with a “toile de jeux” pattern, a woolly turtle neck sweater (Samose), soft leather shoes (Arsenico), jeweled bag (Braintropy Patty Toy by Chiara Biasi), blue woolen beanie (ElevenParis) lace gloves and vintage suitcase (from Boogaloo).


But as we’re taking the photos I notice some lovely handmade objects by Vud.
Carved in wood with an ironic style, in a little carpenter workshop that makes independent design.

That’s how the story starts… the Parisian girl arrives in Trieste and…



Photographs by  http://instagram.com/ralfmalf

(Bardot Via Madonna del Mare ,2/b Trieste http://bardotrieste.blogspot.it )

Gloves – suitcase
(Boogaloo Via Diaz, 13 Trieste http://www.facebook.com/pages/BOOGALOO-vintage-and-more)

(No Name Largo Riborgo, 2 Trieste)

Cutting board and wooden houses
(Vud design indipendente, Via Diaz 15 http://www.vud-design.com/spaziovud/ )

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