Villa Bononmo, an exclusive location in Trieste

Events, weddings, important occations.

I wonder how many times you drove up via Bonomea, the road which connects Opicina’s obelisk with the neighbourhood of Gretta, and admired the view from your car window.

The road was built in 1779 to connect Villa Bonomo to the city. From up here you can see all of Trieste, as well as Pirano, the mountains of the Carnia and even Lignano Sabbiadoro 🙂


And in this fascinating location the Bonomo family, a wealthy family from Trieste, built this wonderful villa. It was 1776 when Villa Bonomo came to life on the hill to Terstenico, above Gretta.

After centuries of local history, this wonderful residence is reborn with Margherita Redoni, a young and resourceful girl from Trieste.

My grandparents used to live here. The house has been closed for many years, but I decided to give it new life – she explains – I brought it back to its original splendour by redesigning the garden and a few of the rooms, trying to preserve as much as possible of its original look. It’s the only thing I could do as an architect, specialized in restoration.



After listening to her I was relieved. Often the new generations (and sometimes older generations too!) feel that anything from previous times, to not say old or antique, are obsolete and need to be changed or simply thrown out. And that’s where the real damage is done: wonderful locations that are completely disrupted to make place for a contemporary style.

Margherita managed to conserve the real nature of the building, giving new life to the gardens, the centre of the villa. The green area is divided into three parts, three connected terraces.

The first one is arrange into a beautiful Italian garden which is perfect to valorised the facade of this wonderful building; the flowers accompany me down to the second terrace, which is divided in two parts.




A lovely pergola that protects a larch flooring and an English lawn from which you can access the olive grove. I’m already imagining how to set out a dinner party: romantic settings, large wooden tables, lights here and there and…well let’s just continue the tour, shall we?




Villa Bonomo is on two floors, separated into large connecting rooms. Stucco, marble, wallpaper, majolica stoves, fireplaces and carpets create the perfect harmony with the classic style of the past. Simply beautiful.













Even more if you think that the villa is the perfect location for any event you can think of, from a simply dinner with friends to a wedding, or even a set for a photoshoot.

And before you even ask, the villa is equipped with two kitchens: if you rely on a catering and have 100 guests, you have all the necessary space. Who wouldn’t want to organize a party in such a location?

And I’ll also tell you that the price to rent the residence for an event is much cheaper than what you pay for a villa in Veneto. The price range goes from 30 euros for a small dinner (with access to the villa from 7pm to 12pm), to 1200 for a wedding.

In this case, the villa will be yours for three days, so you’ll have enough time to prepare the location and clean up.

And now tell me if you already knew about this place!





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