22 May 2015

Lipica: walking between lindens and oaks

Traditions from the House of Hapsburg in a contemporary photo session

The people living in Trieste are very lucky – as I am too. They have everything within their reach: sea, mountains, the Karst and Slovenia.

About 13 minutes away from my house, just beyond the Slovenian border, in a wood of lindens and oaks, there is Lipica (lipa means linden in Slovenian). A small town known for its horse breeding farm that, during the reign of the Hapsburgs, originated the Lipica horses. The stud farm, still active today, was founded in 1580.

An immaculate place, perfect for my photo session…


Kristina is wearing a lace bustier from Pronovias, a wedding and ceremony designer, and a jeans skirt from Pimkie. A game of combinations and contrasts that creates a beautiful outfit: particular, refined, modern and retro, elegant and casual.



For a summer’s day, a pair of short trousers in beige cotton by Silvian Heach Denim and a lace top from Intimissimi. Comfortable and fresh, it’s a classic for an afternoon or a walk in the countryside.



For who feels daring, all you need to do is substitute the beige shorts with black lace shorts from Zara and les jeux sont faits! As you know by now, I love lace; any occasion is perfect for wearing it. After all, it has been a synonym of elegance, refinement and femininity since the period of the Hapsburgs.


I find it extremely adaptable: perfect for an elegant finishing and for corsets, skirts or entire outfits. Like the one worn by Kristina, a soft dress by Imperial, that hides and softens all curves.


With the last photoes, the perfume of spring and the noise from Lipica’s horse hooves, also this day in the lands on the border comes to an end. I’m very lucky to live so close to this paradise!

Photo by Bianca Jurcich


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