26 March 2015

Discovering Trieste continues…

Nature, design and fashion

Wondering around the streets of Trieste I discovered “NAT” (http://www.natcasa.com/negozio-arredamenti-trieste.asp), in Via Corti, just a few steps away from Piazza Verdi. An open space, home to eco-friendly design, where the furniture and accessories are not simple “objects”, but they are the expression of a life-style.



Curiosity got the best of me so I walked into this post industrial entrance to have a look, unaware of what would happen… In a very brief time all my senses were captivated. The sound of wooden bells, the perfume of wood and wax, the sight of an open space, enhanced by design elements that are in perfect harmony with nature. An elegant balance, a strong experience that brought me somewhere different, far away from the chaotic everyday life.

That’s it! I told myself. This is where I can do my next photo session. In just a few minutes, my mind, assisted by my vivid imagination, started building a set and filling the scene: a slim girl, maybe with a northern look and a sweet face, dressed in romantic clothing. Almost an exaltation of the beauty of this place.


And so said and done, I started my photo session. Angela and Roberto, the 2 gurus of design and interiors (and much more) are the owners and revealed to be two passionate and special collegues. Behind the lenses the expert eye of Simonetta and in front of the camera the sweet Denise.


The clothes I chose for the model are a mix of styles: romantic, country and gypsy. A trio that I love.


Denise is wearing a top with lace straps from Ralph Lauren, a silk skin color shirt from Compagnia Italiana and a wide skirt of lace and cotton, also from Ralph Lauren.



The combination shows a soft and informal style, perfect for everyday , comfortable and functional that adapts to any kind of woman. The simple combination of different elements, chosen with care and attention, gave me the expected result. Exactly what my imagination and my senses had thought of.



Photos by Simonetta Giannini  (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Simonetta-Giannini-photography/484800751628179?fref=ts)

Shirt – top - skirt

(Il Bagaglio Piazza della Borsa Trieste https://www.facebook.com/ilbagagliots?fref=ts)


(Nat Via Corti,2 http://www.natdesign.it/nat14/ )

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