9 April 2015

A rose garden!

When spring gives you it’s wonderful smells…

The beginning of the warm weather always fills me with energy, and because I’m a very dynamic person, I feel like a hurricane of ideas and projects!
Today I wanted to show you my “Rose garden” outfit…


Denise, with her cheerful and delicate personality wears a beautiful lace dress made by Molly Bracken, matched with a pair of leather Ralph Lauren sandals, a fresh and natural outfit, that is perfect for the arrival of the spring season.


I really love accessories and I obviously chose some very special ones here… A bracelet and ring by Eleonora Ghilardi, wonderful and unique handmade pieces, in porcelain and lichen.

I took a few shots to show you this interesting silver necklace, made by Lamberti, that on its inside has a dandelion, which reminds me of flowered fields, where I used to play as a child…



I often remember the sentence I used to repeat to myself when I was little:”When I grow up I must never forget how it was to be a child”…

So when I see some objects for children (like these cardboard horses with a little rattle inside), I feel the need to own them, even just for a moment, so I can feel like a little girl again!

And so with the vividly sketched memory in my mind of running through dandelions, children games, rose gardens and picnics in the backyard, I send my love to everyone and keep going, full of new projects.



Photography by Simonetta Giannini (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Simonetta-Giannini-photography/484800751628179?fref=ts)

Necklace – ring

(Giada, Via Roma 16/c Trieste http://www.giadatrieste.com/ )

Dress – shoes

(Il Bagaglio, Piazza della Borsa Trieste https://www.facebook.com/ilbagagliots?fref=ts)

Horses- Lanterns- covers

(Nat, Via Corti, 2 http://www.natdesign.it/nat14/ )

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