A checked skirt

Sometimes all you need is to look carefully….

Trieste often holds lovely surprises for me… One winter morning as I’m strolling around the center I notice, far off, some stands that attract my attention. I set off towards my destination and I quickly arrive in Piazza Hortis, where during the week a little market is set up: four stands from the neighborhood are dedicated everyday to different merchandise. Every now and then – lucky me – old vintage objects and clothing find their way to the market, things from a different time looking for a new identity in the present.

And so I end up playing “I Spy” with all the displayed objects. And from beneath pile of second-hand clothes, a black and white checked material pops out, so I dive through the mountain of clothes and pull it out. Here it is: a long tartan skirt from the 80s!

Oh it really is cute, designers, in linen and lined…Fantastic I’d say! For a moment I think: “Will it fit me?” But I’ve already decided it will be mine. And so now I start to bargain with the owner: I have a sort of Istanbul market frenzy, even if the price is already lower that what it will cost me to dry-clean it. In the end, with just 2.50 the skirt is mine!

Proud of my purchase I get home and run to my closet to look for an item to bring it back to life. Patterns and colors in contrast, a polka dot hand bag, or a black and white striped t-shirt. Just a dash of imagination and I’m ready: a new outfit, perfect for an afternoon in the center or an evening out with friends.

I won’t be a fashion queen, and not everyone will appreciate it, some will hate the idea of wearing a second-hand item, but in my opinion there’s nothing more fun than to mix new clothes with items and accessories from a different time!

And so, with just a couple of euros and a bit of imagination (and lots of fun) the trick is done! Now, satisfied with having unleashed my creativeness, I’m ready to start over with new clues and to continue with a game of “I spy”.
Are you ready?

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