15 February 2015

Giudici pastry shop

A sweet suprise

Not everyone knows that in Trieste, not far from the city centre, there is a very interesting little pastry shop, for lovers of homemade delicacies but also for people who suffer from celiac disease or that are intolerant to certain food.


The recipes here have been passed down for 3 generations, from grandfather Aldo that taught them to his son Ermanno, who opened the bakery in 1980, the year his son Alessandro was born, that now manages the business.

Alessandro grew up among baking powder, flour and ingredients of the family business, where they follow traditional Central European recipes of Trieste. In time Alessandro wanted to develop new interactions with the patisserie world.


He started a very ambitious training that gave him the experience he has today: even if he is very young he is an excellent pastry chef with international experience, he loves scientific patisserie and he loves to experiment. His research has now brought him to make specialties for people with celiac disease or intolerances.

His pastries made with alternative types of flour are fantastic, it’s impossible not to trye each one!


I had some guests for dinner one evening, that were gluten intolerant so I asked Giudici to prepare a special cake: the harmony of flavors was perfect, the sponge-cake of almond flour was incredibly light. The only problem? You can never stop at the first slice, it’s just too good!


Another treat to not miss are the incredible @meditandum, “meditation biscuits”, little chocolate biscuits with a pinch of salt of Pirano. I think these are his “forte”, because they perfectly balance his passion for chocolate and the search for the local ingredients.


I’ve already said too much. Just remember that there are many corners of Trieste where you can try special experiences for your senses, not only in the very famous historic cafes. And they are definitely worth discovering!


Photography by Michela Riva and pastries from Giudici (www.michelariva.com)

Giudici Panificio Pasticceria (Via Alfredo Oriani, 9 Trieste)
Alessandro Giudici (www.alessandrogiudici.it)

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