18 October 2015

In Trieste “La Carega” opens up to poor raw materials

Traditional but modern food in the are of Cavana


In the centre of Trieste there’s a new window onto the city. I’m referring to the area of Cavana, where artisans, antiques, shops and many bars and restaurants decided to open their activity. This movement of people brought this area back to the splendour of the past; the same that Italo Svevo refers to in 1923:

“Then, once I reached via Cavana, I needed to slow down because of the crowd that filled the narrow street”. (Italo Svevo, «La coscienza di Zeno», 1923[1])

Among the new arrivals in this popular area I find one that Strikes me for the small chair that’s hanging on the wall outside (that is used to hold a lamp), and a blackboard on which they write their daily 10,00 euro menu. It opened recently: La Carega Osteria Contemporanea.


You reach the restaurant through a large wooden door that hides a wide area with high vaulted ceilings that once served as a warehouse.

The furnishing immediately answers my taste, trees frame and warm up the ambience, that feels a bit like an old osteria. There are mis-matched wooden chairs and solid wood tables that make the area fun and pleasant. Even the choice of using different plates is particular, arousing curiosity about where they all come from.







I meet the two owners: Boris, class of ’79, and Francesco, class of ’91; two young owners that, regardless of the difficult economic period, have had the courage to believe in their dream and try to fulfil it.

They tell me that they started off with the idea of offering to their clients a simple cuisine, made of “poor” raw products. A list of traditional but modernized plates, enriched with contemporary flavours; a few vegetarian dishes, the soup of the day and quick meals. All possibly with low prices.

Supervising the kitchen, there’s a chef with great experience: Giuseppe (Most Triestines, or whoever spends time in restaurants of the area will know him).


The plates they offer are many and capable of satisfying everyone’s tastes and food choices. Here’s what you can eat:

Tartara di manzo con crostini

Beef tartare with toasted bread

Pollo fritto con patate in tecia e salsa tzatziki (il pollo prima di essere fritto viene marinato nel limone)

Fried chicken with “in tecia” potatoes and tzatziki sauce (before being fried the chicken is marinated in lemon)

 Polenta morbida con gulasch di manzo e bacche di ginepro

Soft polenta with beef goulash and juniper berries

Zuppa di fagioli e farro

Beans and hulled wheat soup

Tagliatelle fatte in casa con pesto di noci e radicchio rosso di Treviso

Home made tagliatelle pasta with walnuts and red Treviso cabbage pesto

Mix di polpette: vegetariana, pollo e classica

A mix of meat balls: vegetarian, chicken and classic

Costine d’agnello alla scottadito con polenta, patate in tecia e salsa tzatziki

Lamb ribs roasted with polenta, “in tecia” potatoes and tzatziki sauce

Millefoglie con crema pasticciera e frutti di bosco

Millefoglie pastry with cream and fruits of the forest

Mousse al cioccolato con scaglie di cioccolato bianco e fondente

Chocolate mousse with white and dark chocolate flakes

My lunch was supposed to be quick and modest, but ended up being a feast: I really couldn’t refuse, seeing as my job is to try out the best of what they serve in restaurants.


If as well as loving contemporary traditions, you enjoy live music, remember that La Carega, on a Friday evening, always offers a live jazz concert during dinner.

I think I’ve said everything, nothing left to do but to see you at our next discovery!!





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