Orfeo : 25 designers to dress your children.

What is it? I’ll tell you all about it!

Orfeo is a British web site for on-line shopping.

It gathers 25 designers for children’s clothing and has many beauties to be discovered, from dresses to accessories!

Unfortunately (and I say this because my boy is already 8), it dresses only children from 0 to 6 years old!

As soon as I discovered it I fell in love with it and I immediately wanted to introduce it to you, because it’s so in line with my taste and my choices: a slightly vintage style with a touch of modern.

This style reminds me of a Nordic one; you can find clothes that go from hand made merinos wool jumpers to warm colours combinations like mustard and black and white polka dots (that reminds me of an old post of mine).

So why don’t you have a look, I’m sure that if you appreciate my style even this web site will seem “one-of-a-kind”, definitely unique in the making…











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