21 October 2015

HandMade, passion and style on your children’s feet!

The 3 ingredients for a delicious product


Today I’m going to show you the most beautiful shoes for babies!

The artist that makes them is Hermona, a girl with magic hands and with Albanian origins, now living in Trieste!

I met her some time ago and she stole my attention because of the precision and creativeness with which Hermona creates these shoes for babies, new and modified versions of Hugg boots, Converse All Stars or bold cowboy boots, with a woollen sole for the winter months. For the summer time she makes espadrilles, sandals and fun flip-flops.

Hermona Jewellery is very particular because of the precision with which she makes all items and the fun and original result.

I’m totally in love with them, and I hope you can appreciate this wonderful hand made work!























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