14 May 2015

Modepalast Wien

Design, fashion and creativeness


Eager for a change, I started looking on the web for something to keep my curiosity satisfied. What did I find? Modepalast, an international fashion design event. Young designers from Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria all locked up in a historical building in the centre of Vienna, all united in a choir where the music isn’t written by Mozart, but decided by the creativity of tailor made design (custom made), dedicated to the search of unique pieces.

Modepalast is held in Vienna, in these days…. so without giving it too much thought, I pulled out a suitcase (purposely leaving a few clothes at home) and I left for Vienna to see what would happen there.

I arrived in Karlsplatz, ready to learn and absorb anything new, like a natural sponge, all dehydrated and needing water to regain strength. In a beautiful old building, 100 or more expositors were on display, each of them with their colours, their shapes and their ideas turned into jewels, clothing and handbags.




Many things captured my attention. Some examples? Feenfrech and his colourful rain Trenches.






Camou and his clothes with photos of landscapes.


Iva’s jewellery box with her lightweight but refined jewellery in subtle colours.


I also appreciated Sposa for it’s colours,cut and fabric.




And Miamnuk for it's material: Softshell. The characteristic of this material is windproof, water-repellent and breathable...


Modepalast is not only a great fashion showcase (for woman, man and child), but it’s also a moment of creativity and confrontation, culture and music. In these 3 days, many thematic workshops had been planned as well as Dj sets.


I know what you’re thinking, for this year the coolest fashion events is over…but I’ll give you some good news: there are two editions of Modepalast. The next is in Linz from the 12th to the 14th of June 2015…. start warming up those engines!


Fab Zoe!


Dress Zoe.





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