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from il Piccolo, Trieste May 17th 2017
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from il Piccolo, Trieste 28th July 2016
In the special "Top Story" of Grazia Slovenia they published a wonderful "MissClaire" article, written by Martina Begovich.
“Chiara came to visit us on a November afternoon with her photographer. We offered a nice dinner with a Capra White. Because she dedicated herself to us, taking her time to ask us all about our story and even talking to our cooks, all the way through lunch that almost became dinner, she even has the chance to enjoy the sunset from the terrace of Capra. Other than the pleasant chat we had on the day of her visit, we were very pleased with the collaboration with her, because we had an increase in the number of visits on our web site and also lots of comments on TripAdvisor from clients and future Italian clients.
Well done Miss claire”
Marketing manager @ Capra Restourant Slovenia
“About a year ago we received a lovely proposal for cooperation with Miss Claire. Chiara and the photographer visited us in October and wrote an amazing blog about experience in Garden Village Bled along with some magnificent photos that Miss Claire kindly allowed to use for our purposes and thanks to the wonderful blog we had much more Italian guests.”
Suzana @ Garden Village Bled Slovenia