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Rosario Zoccano was born in Italy in 1980. In 2006 he got the master degree in Architetcture at the University degli Studi di Trieste with a thesis on the transormation of a XIX century spinning mill in a centre for contemporary art. In the same year he started his job as a free lance, collaborating with other architectural firms in Trieste and building a strong relationship with his own clients around Europe. After a very interesting and training work experience in Chicago (USA) in 2015, he is back to Trieste where he designes interiors nationally and abroad, mainly in Europe (United Kingdom and Spain) for private clients. His love for traveling and understanding different cultures gives him the opportunity to refine his taste and adapt it to different types of clients and situations. In 2012 he founded, together with a group of young italian architects, Architettura senza Frontiere FVG, a charitable association that developes projects in Third World countries. ROSARIOZOCCANO www.rosariozoccano.com architecture & interior design +39 393 8052979 I rosario.zoccano@gmail.com

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